Mach10 News. Doosan commits to technology

Mach10 News. Doosan commits to technology

ITT Mach10. Doosan and its great commitment to technology

Under the slogan "Powered by Innovation" Doosan Infracore Europe announces its strong commitment to technology and its new catalogue of intelligent solutions for construction equipment, quarries and mines.

Mach10 Doosan

It all starts from the company's alliance with Trimble, Leica, Moba (Novatron) and now with the Korean "Palantir Technologies" (A Big Data Giant).

These alliances demonstrate the great investment the brand is making in offering new products and services using converging information and communication technologies (ICT), such as 'big data' and the 'Internet of Things' (IOT).

According to Charlie Park, CEO of Doosan Infracore Europe - "We want to be known as the brand that is most committed to technology in our markets.

Doosan Smart Solutions

Under this name Doosan has created an innovative service program that aims to maximize operational efficiency by creating an intelligent network environment, including some services such as:

Doosan Connect: A new mobile application for Apple and Android devices for Doosan Connect fleet and asset management, which currently covers more than 70,000 Doosan machines worldwide.

This application offers new features such as the use of Doosan Care that allows instructions to be sent to the machine and service calls, whereby the application puts the customer directly in touch with the service of the Doosan distributor and offers a chat option to send messages to the service provider.

New compatibility kits with Leica, Trimble and Xsite for 14 to 30 ton wheeled and tracked excavators. Doosan is currently installing the SVAB/Steelwrist tilt rotor system for the Doosan range of wheeled excavators at the factory.

In addition, Doosan has launched a program of periodic maintenance and warranty extension packages designed by Doosan and carried out by Doosan distributors' technical service teams 

Mach10 Doosan 5G

5G Telecommunications Platform

Doosan is the first manufacturer to use 5G Technology in its tele-operated machines. At Bauma 2019 it became one of the main protagonists of the fair with the demonstration of long-distance remote control of machines through the use of the new 5G telecommunications platform. And when we say long distance we mean something as amazing as operating a 40-ton Doosan crawler excavator located in South Korea 8500 km away from Bauma's own stand.

Doosan 5G Mach10

New fuel cell drones

Another attraction of Bauma 2019 was the demonstration videos of Doosan's "Mobility Innovation" drones, which make it possible to monitor and analyze the performance of machines, improving operational efficiency in construction sites, quarries and mines.

Doosan ConceptX

By November of this year, Doosan intends to launch its long-awaited ConceptX: the wide-ranging digital technology it has developed for construction machines and quarries that includes a complete suite of automation solutions, including fuel cell drones and autonomous vehicles.

DoosanCARE Philosophy. Caring for the customer

Doosan Care Mach10  

In addition to offering new, high-tech products, Doosan also wants to differentiate itself from the competition by offering a higher level of after-sales and product support services.

DoosanCare is a customer service program that offers "total solutions" that the customer feels supported with at any time, improving their confidence in the brand.

Among its main advantages is the improvement of the productivity of the machines, which allows to increase the life of these and to plan the service on customer side.

In addition, through DoosanCARE it improves serviceability by providing information on spare parts availability and offering additional products that will also include new machines for special applications and an increased number of optional attachments.

Doosan Mach10

As you can see, Doosan's investment in technology, is a giant step towards a future that undoubtedly aims to minimize human efforts by maximizing the productivity and profitability of machines.

If you want to know more about Doosan or are interested in its catalogue, you can contact any of the Mach10 delegations, where we will be delighted to inform you.

ITT Mach10
1 October 2019

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