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MACH10, an ITT company

ITTInternational Trucks and Tractors, is a leading distributor of agricultural, transport and construction equipment with a presence in Spain, France, Morocco and Chile.

The ITT companies specialize in sales, aftersales, and machinery repair for the top brands in the sector, such as Scania, New Holland, Case, Bobcat, Doosan, Manitou, Hamm, Isuzu, Ausa, Takeuchi and more.

The company has dedicated itself to the import and distribution of agricultural equipment ever since it was founded in 1878, later expanding to the construction and transport sectors. Throughout this time, it has always remained loyal to the principles passed down by the generations of business minds that made it a success.

The creation and acquisition of more than 20 companies has fuelled the ITT group’s solid growth, giving in the strength to overcome the severe financial crises that have affected the sector. This, along with its healthy business model and the wide variety of sectors and markets in which it operates, is what gives ITT the strength to succeed now and into the future, no matter what the odds.

As you can read in  the preface to the book ITT878The most important reason for explaining the past is to help to build the future."

At ITT we are fully committed to fostering a close long-term alliance with clients and producers. We believe that the value of the company is built on its relationships. The first step toward success is to stand together and forge real bonds.

But what is it that makes all this possible? It is our people. ITT’s approximately 430 employees, the thousands of clients who put their trust in us, the professionals who work in our factories, the engineers who never stop learning, the spare parts salespeople, the administrative team, and everyone else who helps make ITT what it is.

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ITT Mach10

ITT MACH10 are located in Occitanie and Auvergne-Rhône Alpes. We are a distributor for the brands Bobcat and Develon. Together with ITT BobcatOf our group of companies are also distributors of Bobcat in Spain.

Our team is specialized in salesmaintenance and rental of new and used equipment. The quality of our materials, the specialist knowledge of our team and our constant availability makes our customers’ lives as easy as possible.


  1. TURNOVER 22,5 M € - 3,8 M. € IN AFTER-SALES (FY 2023)




 48 USED


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