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As an official Bobcat & Doosan distributor since 2010, ITT Mach10’s technical staff receive continuous training directly from Bobcat.

Every member of the after-sales team receives personalized training every year. This includes introductory training (for new team members), continuous development training, or specific training for new models. This training is provided to both our mechanics and members of the Parts Department, who all obtain the relevant certification following participation.


This training allows ITT Mach10 to stay at the forefront of the latest technological developments in the field.

Our Technical Service workforce consists of 12 MECHANICS across our 3 branches. Each Technical Dept. receives the support of a technician specializing in Bobcat machinery, who works closely with our technicians. In addition, each Technical Department is led by a Workshop Manager. The Workshop Manager supports and supervises the team and gives the final OK to everything that goes on in the branch.

For every Technical Dept. there are a number of mobile units, allowing up to 8 technicians to work simultaneously. All mobile units are equipped with the necessary tools and spare parts; facilitating flexibility and aiding the company’s logistical operations.


Oficial guarantee

Together with the brands we represent, ITT Mach10 have launched a campaigns to give our clients the best machine servicing and follow-up in the business.

Our new Protection Plus package gives clients the opportunity to extend their standard guarantee (1 year or 2,000 working hours) to 3 years or 4,000 working hours. This extended guarantee, which can be obtained for a modest additional cost, also includes all the conditions of the basic guarantee.

Maintenance contracts

In addition to our guarantee, we also offer a Maintenance Contract. Under this contract customers benefit from regular Technical Dept. visits, during which the condition of their machine is examined and any necessary maintenance is carried out, in line with the Bobcat Maintenance Program. This contract is tailored to the specific needs of each customer. The machine is regularly serviced and the client receives a fixed monthly fee, so they know exactly what their maintenance costs will be, without any surprises.


Spare parts


Protects the motor from particles up to 3 times smaller.

Cellulose of 10 microns ©> 2 BOBCAT VS Cellulose of 30 microns ©> 2 competition
Area: 0.2046 m2 BOBCAT VS Area: 0.183 m2 others brands


Greater efficiency and longer duration
Effective and easy-to-use drainage system

3 micron cellulose BOBCAT ©> 2 VS Cellulose of 10 microns ©> 2 others brands
Area: 0.113 m2 BOBCAT VS Area: 0.113 m2 others brands


Beta nominal 2: 4 μ
Beta absolute 75: about half comes from local resources.
Composition: Synthetic

The synthetic composition offers more effectiveness with less pressure drops and, therefore, lasts longer.


The Bobcat filter lasts more.
Up to 50% more efficiency at 20 and 50 mbar in the interior element.
High-efficiency Bobcat filters can reduce dust contamination up to 30 times!


Comparison of micron particle size

Micron ratings are assigned to filters to indicate the ability of the filter to capture particles of a certain size.
As the composition of the filter can vary, so can its ability to capture contaminants.
It is very important that the systems correspond correctly with filters classified in microns to ensure the capture of contaminants.



The latest technological developments in the machinery sector mean that we are now able to remotely monitor the condition of machines, their position and anticipate breakdowns at any time.

These new tools have given us a whole new level of insight into the installation, maintenance and performance of Bobcat equipment. This is all thanks to on-site work by technical personnel, who transmit data in real time to the factory via the internet (through the Tavant system).

IT tools also allow us to research damaged machine parts through an online database (the BASSII system) and to place orders (DoosanShop system). This information, together with the possibility of placing orders instantaneously, means that ITT Mach10 can guarantee the supply of any part which is out of stock within a period of 24 hours, or a maximum of 48 hours, as long as it is available at the factory. This can generally be done without any surcharge.

thanks to the hard work of our technicians, the tools at your disposal and our years of experience, ITT Mach10  is one of the most highly-valued Bobcat distributors, achieving a score of over 800 out of a possible 950 in the annual report by Bobcat’s District Aftermarket Manager.

Finally, it is worth noting that as part of our dedication to our customers’ wellbeing, we are committed to protecting the environment and aware that our machinery generates waste which must be treated appropriately. We work with a series of suppliers who install the appropriate containers to classify and remove all this material for treatment and recycling.


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