MACH10: New M Series Phase V Loaders

MACH10: New M Series Phase V Loaders

MACH10: Bobcat introduces the new M-series Phase V loaders more powerful and compact than ever.


What does Bobcat have that other brands don't? An insatiable interest in knowing and anticipating the needs of its customers. An inexhaustible capacity for innovation and an incredible desire to improve.

With all this, Bobcat has become one of the first brands on the market, a position it does not seem want to abandon in any way. Proof of this is its new M Series S450, S510 and S530 skid-steer loaders. The first skid-steer loaders in the range to be powered by a specially developed Bobcat engine that complies with Stage V standards.

New Bobcat M-series Phase V mini-excavators

More performance, more comfort, less maintenance. That's right, the new Bobcat skid-steer loader versions are designed to continue this success career. One out of every two skid-steer loaders sold worldwide carries the Bobcat brand.

Bobcat M-Series V-Phase. An engine that can handle everything

The new Bobcat V-Stage engine offers a 37% more torque and much faster overload recovery than its predecessors. This allows you to work at a lower engine speed, reducing operator fatigue, improving comfort, lowering noise levels and reducing fuel consumption. In addition, the engine is equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) as standard, making possible to work in areas with regulated emissions, such as city centers.

New high-flow hydraulics option

New Bobcat Phase V engines allow to add new high-flow hydraulics option to the S510 and S530 models in order to enable them to work with higher-flow attachments such as sweepers, routers and saw blades.

Less maintenance

Thanks to this new Phase V engine, the first service is performed after 500 hours of use. The maintenance intervals for skid steers are extended and the number of fuel filter exchanges is reduced.


Bobcat M-series. Much more than design

One of the features customers appreciate most is the compact size of Bobcat skid-steer loaders. But as we told you at the beginning of this article, Bobcat never stops. That's why the new M-series skid-steer loader is even more compact, more comfortable and less heavy, allowing it to work in tight spaces and be easily transported.

In terms of design, new Bobcat M-series models are the first in including Bobcat's innovative new design for its Phase V machines.

  • With 3D adhesives.

  • Deluxe" control panel as standard: in different languages and with telematics to protect the machines and monitor their performance.

  • Wide range of tyres. To guarantee a better adaptation depending on the application that each client will give you.

  • New cab with additional storage compartments and new full-color Deluxe instrument panels. It is also radio-ready with a 12-volt power outlet for charging mobile phones or other devices.


The most complete tools holder’s mini loader

In S450, S510 and S530 skid-steer loaders, you can choose from up to 50 different product families of approved attachments. No wonder they are called the ‘Swiss Army Knives’ of the compact equipment market. There is no application for which the Bobcat Compact does not have the right solution.

Models S450 and S510:

These circular motion lift loaders combine superb maneuverability in tight areas with the range and visibility needed for applications such as pouring materials onto walls, embankment or loading flatbed trucks.

S530 model:

This skid-steer loader has boom arms with vertical lift path particularly suitable for lifting and transporting as well as material handling applications.


If you get further information about the new Bobcat M-Series Phase V mini skid steer loaders, just visit any of the Mach10 offices, we will be glad to assist you, and show you all the latest news from Bobcat. In addition, at Mach10 we offer you a two-year warranty on Bobcat machines (skid steer loaders, mini-excavators, telescopic handlers...).

And, always remember, we have tailor-made maintenance contracts, for each case, each machine, each customer. If Bobcat machines make our work easier, more efficient and more productive, what a better way to do so than to have a tailor-made maintenance contract? Ask us about maintenance contracts for Bobcat machines and we'll tell you all the details.

ITT Mach10
4 February 2020

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