ITT Mach10 News. Doosan in Quarry Days 2019

ITT Mach10 News. Doosan in Quarry Days 2019

ITT Mach10 News. Doosan dazzles in its 2019 Quarry Days with its latest innovations.

The Doosan Quarry Days programme was created so that customers from all over Europe could try Doosan's new products. The event takes place every year in a private and real working environment in the Belize quarry (Czech Republic).

Mach 10 Doosan Quarry Days

Year after year this program has been attracting more and more people, breaking attendance records each season. However, in its Quarry Days 2019, held last September, Doosan surprised with the largest show of innovations to date.

More than 400 professionals from all over Europe were able to see and try out up to thirty machines, among which we could find very recently launched models such as these:

The crawler excavator DX300LC-7 Stage V

The new caterpillars medium-size Stage V '-7'

A new 30 tonne DA30-7 (ADT) articulated dumper

The new 25-ton material handler DX250WMH-5

The new mini-excavators DX27z, DX35z, DX63-3 and DX85R-3 Stage V

In addition, those attending the Quarry Days were also able to admire the latest additions of Doosan Smart Solutions to the machine guidance systems:

New kits ready for Leica, Trimble and Xsite for Doosan 14 to 30 ton wheeled and tracked excavators

New factory-installed options with Engcon and SVAB / Steel wrist tilt rotor systems for the Doosan excavator range.

All these innovations and many others were available to customers who were able to try out the entire range of Doosan machines freely, always assisted and advised by a group of Doosan product experts.

Mach 10 Doosan

Quarry Days promote on-site sales

The Quarry Days are already a traditional event for Doosan. According to Charlie Park, CEO of the brand, another successful year in terms of sales growth is expected at Doosan, and the Quarry Days are a great opportunity for commercial transactions.

The Doosan Quarry Days meet the requirements of Doosan distributors and customers to be able to test the machines in a real environment, strengthening the relationship with their customers and allowing to close deals and transactions during the event itself.


If you want to know more about Doosan's Quarry Days or the brand, or if you are interested in its catalogue of new products, you can contact any of the Mach10 delegations, where they will inform you in detail.

ITT Mach10
22 October 2019

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