ITT Mach10 News. Doosan Connect telematic system

ITT Mach10 News. Doosan Connect telematic system

ITT Mach10 News. Doosan extends Doosan Connect telematics system.


The new Doosan Connect service is a fleet and asset management system.

 ITT Doosan Connect

The objective of this system is to substantially increase the efficiency and operation of your equipment by monitoring data in real time. This monitoring makes it possible to know at all times the state of the parts of the hydraulic system and the engine. In addition, thanks to the Doosan Connect system the worker will have access to any information needed, maps and images relating to their location.


On a monthly basis, a report is sent to the client with information on the operations of their equipment, as well as detailed information on times, fuel consumption, etc., which will allow them to know beforehand when to change the oil or filters.


The Doosan Connect system is already part of the standard equipment in the new generation of Doosan Phase IV excavators and wheel loaders and Doosan ADT Phase IV, but is also available as a kit for older machines.


With this new system, Doosan has significantly increased its presence in the European and North American markets, covering 60,000 excavators, loaders and articulated dumpers worldwide.

Doosan Connect is the only tool of its kind capable of providing concrete data about the equipment allowing customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency at work.


We could fill pages about the advantages and operation of this new and intelligent system, but the best thing is to come to

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26 September 2018

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