ITT Mach10 News. Doosan "Concept-X" Technology

ITT Mach10 News. Doosan "Concept-X" Technology

ITT Mach10 News. Doosan's new "Concept-X" technology revolutionizes the future of construction


In the last recent months, we have moved beyond discussions of machines that could be started from the mobile phone to machines that work automatically and without a driver.

The world of construction is changing by leaps and bounds and this is because technology has been deployed in this sector with an incredible ease. The revolution which Doosan brand has been accustomed us lately proves it. Its technology’s advances only confirm its worldwide leadership in construction machinery’s design, manufacture and marketing.

Doosan Concept-X Mach10 ITT

Doosan Concept X. Solutions for unmanned Automated Building

On November 20th, Doosan presented the new Concept-X to more than 200 attendees at its Korea test site. A new comprehensive control solution, including a complete automated process:

Topography’s Inspection of the workplace, by drones 3D.

Realization of operational plans based on topographic data.

Set-up of construction equipment such as excavators and wheel loaders without human intervention.

Doosan Concept-X Mach10 soluciones no tripuladas

Doosan Concept X. Unmanned Building Solutions

The Concept-X technology allows to respond immediately to any changes that may arise in the construction sites since it is not only an unmanned technology, but integrates multiple cutting-edge technologies:

Image recognition.

Cognitive / control technologies.

Autonomous driving technologies.

5G remote control

3D drone analysis.

Analysis, estimation and precise assignment of workload.

Failure prediction technologies

In Doosan demonstration in Korea, attendees were able to see in live, the creation of three-dimensional maps of the workplace, from topographic data obtained by drones.

Concept-X technology not only allows construction teams to perform optimized unmanned operations from these data, but also makes it possible monitoring the progress of work in real time through the comprehensive control of the X-center.

Doosan Concept-X Mach10 ITT 5G

Concept X. Productivity and safety

Doosan opts for Concept-X technology, convinced that this investment will bring significant benefits to the construction sector.

Great increase in productivity.

Cost’s Reduction necessary to carry out the work of construction teams.

Revolutionary safety improvement at the construction workplace

Doosan Concept-X Mach10 ITT Seguridad

Concept X, A Shared Success

However, this giant never stops. Doosam Infracore, in its eagerness to continue advancing towards a more comfortable future for human beings, keeps seeking new forms of innovation and collaboration with schools and companies with which developing new technologies based on artificial intelligence, 3D topography and operational data analysis, such as the 5G technology based on remote control that was introduced in 2018, for the first time in the world, by Doosan associated with LG U+.

Doosan Concept-X Mach10 ITT Infracore

Doosan Infracore plans to commercialize the new Concept-X in 2025. In the meantime, it will present all technologies mentioned above, such as drone surveying, cutting-edge data analysis, operations and control of unmanned construction equipment, individually, as soon as they have been fully verified.

As the industry progresses, it is likely we see these technologies in operation very soon.

If you want to know further about Doosan's new Concept -X technology, you may contact to our headquarters of Mach10.

ITT Mach10
11 December 2019

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