ITT MACH10 is launched on the market of UTV´S with the brand Corvus

Corvus CM93

Corvus, Europe's first "side by side" UTV manufacturer

The success of the new Corvus brand lies mainly in the design, development and manufacture of all-terrain vehicles (UTV and Side by Side) for professional, recreational, sports and military use. That is why its main premise is to make agile off-road vehicles, easy to drive and very comfortable.

Corvus has its own R&D centre where a team of engineers works tirelessly on the development of its own technology capable of improving what is on the market, both in gearboxes, transmissions and chassis as well as designs and the exterior and interior finishes of its vehicles. Offering a range of more efficient, powerful and exclusive vehicles. In addition, they are among the few that are allowed to mount a diesel engine.

Corvus CM93

Mach10. Corvus Distributor

ITT, as a great "headhunter" of brands, could not miss the opportunity to add the Corvus brand to its list of top brands.

The reason why adding this type of UTV vehicles to its offer is considering that these vehicles are very interesting for its current customers, because unlike other vehicles that are used on the field, such as pick-ups, UTVs are versatile, robust, easy and inexpensive to maintain, which makes them an effective working tool


In addition, these Buggies can be used by a multitude of implements that allows to adapt the vehicle to any task for herbicide, for fumigation, cargo transport, tipper, dumper, dragging blankets in the harvesting of olives or almonds, and so on.


Besides, to top it all, Corvus' UTVs are among the few that allow a diesel engine to be assembled so that the farmer can use the same fuel that he uses in the tractor or combine harvester.

TERRAIN DX4. The perfect balance between strength and efficiency

Although Corvus offers several UTV models, ITT highlights the Terrain DX4, the Terrain DX4 PRO and the Terrain DX4 CAB.

The Terrain DX4, are characterized by their perfect adaptation to all terrains which makes them ideal for working on fields of agriculture, livestock care or forestry work.

These are some of their main features:

  • Highest load capacity on the market.

  • Large storage space.

  • Diesel engine with a power of 24 hp and great autonomy.

  • Larger and more comfortable cab

  • Hot/cold air-conditioning system

  • High resistance chassis and underbody protector, which protect the engine and gearbox.

  • Solid anti-tipper structure and two-point belt.

  • LCD screen.

  • Adjustable seats.


With these models, MACH10 puts in hands of its customers a vehicle of high performance, advanced technology and respectful of the environment, which will surely fulfil their expectations of work and leisure.

In the following links you will be able to access a video either in English or Spanish, where you will see in detail everything that this small "all-terrain" offers.

If you are interested in receiving further information about Corvus' UTVs, come to any MACH10 branch where we will give you information about Corvus' UTV vehicles and how they can help you in your daily tasks.

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4 August 2020

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