ITT Mach10: Doosan DX380LC-7 Excavator

ITT Mach10: Doosan DX380LC-7 Excavator

ITT Mach10 tells us about the new 40T Doosan DX380LC-7 excavator.

ITT Mach10 Excavadora DX380LC-7 de Doosan

With the new DX380LC-7, Doosan completes the range of 30 and 40 tonne Phase V excavators. This new excavator combines several features that are difficult to match in its category: fuel efficiency, reliability and durability.

Mach10 Excavadora DX380LC-7 de Doosan ITT

Doosan Phase V Excavators. Power, strength and versatility.

Doosan Phase IV had already consolidated its success in the market, when Doosan embarked on the design of the new Phase V by introducing a series of improvements:

Greater operator comfort.

Easier control of the machine.

Increased productivity.

Increased uptime.

Reduced fuel consumption.

However, the main feature that distinguishes Doosan's Phase V is environmental protection by maintaining the high productivity of its Phase IV predecessors.

Doosan DX380LC-7 40 ton excavator.

The DX380LC-7 is ideal for construction and quarrying work. It is powered by a Scania DC09 V-phase diesel engine that produces 240 kW of power at 1800 r/min.

And for those in the demolition business, Doosan continues to be committed to this sector, so we expect to see the DX380LC-7 in the Demolition version on the market by mid-year.

Excavadora DX380LC-7 de Doosan ITT Mach10

+Doosan D-Ecopower technology Profitability and sustainability

Doosan D-ECOPOWER technology offers higher productivity and lower fuel consumption per working hour.  The success of this innovative technology lies in its hydraulics and in achieving unprecedented levels of diesel energy efficiency.

Benefits D-Ecopower:

Increase in productivity by up to 26%.

Decrease in fuel consumption by up to 12%, depending on the mode selected.

Closed-center main control valve minimizes pressure losses.

New pump with electronic pressure regulation that manages and optimizes engine power.

It has nine sensors that precisely detect and regulate the amount of oil required at any given time.

The hydraulic system and the engine power are fully optimized and synchronized.

A joystick is included as standard, increasing machine control and reducing operator fatigue.

The controls are smoother, improving turning and digging movements.

Excavadora DX380LC-7 Doosan ITT Mach10

New cabin. Pleasure at work

The Doosan DX380LC-7 excavator features a new cab that improves operator comfort and outstanding ease of use.

High quality seat.

New LCD touchscreen display panel with 30% larger display.

Integrated stereo system

Keyless start system

Improved interior cabin design

Ultrasonic obstacle detection (optional)

LED lights (optional)

Side protection (optional)

Air compressor (optional)

4 360° cameras installed as standard provide full visibility of the excavator's surroundings

With Doosan carrying a 40-ton excavator seems like an easy job.

If you want to know further about the Doosan DX380LC-7 excavator or any Doosan machine, you can contact any of ITT Mach10 offices, where they will be happy to give you some recommendations and help you make the best choice.

10 March 2020

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