ITT Mach10 News. New Doosan DX350LC-7 excavator

ITT Mach10 News. New Doosan DX350LC-7 excavator

New Doosan DX300LC-7. The most profitable excavator.

excavadora Doosan DX350LC-7 ITT Mach10

Today Doosan brings us a new excavator even better than its predecessor DX300LC-7. The new DX350LC-7 excavator is the first 30-tonne, Phase V crawler excavator to incorporate Doosan's innovative D-Ecopower technology. The D-Ecopower enables higher productivity with lower fuel consumption per hour of work.

Improvements over its predecessor include operator comfort, uptime and return on investment.

Doosan's new DX350LC-7 model has significantly reduced fuel consumption while increasing the machine's power, strength and versatility.

excavadora Doosan DX350LC-7 Mach10

Doosan D-Ecopower Technology. More for less.

D-Ecopower technology utilizes an electronically controlled pressure pump within a closed-center hydraulic system to achieve unprecedented levels of diesel energy efficiency:

Increase productivity by up to 26%

Decrease fuel consumption by up to 12%.

This is how Doosan's D-Ecopower system works

While the pump manages and optimises the motor power, a closed centre main control valve minimises pressure losses, resulting in greater efficiency.

The D-Ecopower system has 9 sensors that detect and regulate the amount of hydraulic oil needed to perform each task, avoiding unnecessary waste of oil.

The hydraulic system and engine power are fully optimised and synchronised, minimising further system losses.

Thanks to the joystick, the operator perceives the response of the system, increasing control of the machine and decreasing fatigue.

The excavator's acceleration and deceleration works are much smoother and greatly facilitates repetitive turning and digging movements.

excavadora Doosan DX350LC-7 Motor DL08

New generation Doosan DL08 Phase V engine

The new Doosan DX350LC-7 excavator meets the requirements of Phase V by integrating a state-of-the-art Doosan DL08 diesel engine that develops 209 kW of power at 1800 rpm.

The DL08 engine offers a new non-exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) solution that increases the amount of air available during combustion. As a result, the process temperature is increased, and particle generation is reduced to a minimum.

If we add to this the DOC/DPF+SCR post-treatment technology, we can guarantee minimum emissions, while achieving a reduction in the maintenance of the diesel particle filter (DPF) up to 8000 hours of operation.

In addition, the Doosan DX350LC-7 excavator features a new generation of SPC3 intelligent power control remotes.

This control has 4 power modes (P+, P, S or E), which greatly simplifies its operation compared to the previous model in which there were 8 power modes and offers greater fuel savings: +10% in S mode and +6% in P+ mode.

excavadora Doosan DX350LC-7 Cabina

The new cab of the DX350LC-7. Comfort and ease of control

The new cab on the Doosan DX350LC-7 excavator dramatically enhances the operator's experience with a new cab that includes more standard features than most of its market counterparts.

The space and ergonomics of the new cab coupled with the incredible ease of use ensures superior control capability and high precision in all applications.

Key new cab features:

New 8-inch colour touchscreen LCD panel provides more information on a 30% larger screen.

Stereo system integrated into the indicator panel.

Intelligent keyless start system (optional).

Improved cab interior design.

New high-quality seat.

Ultrasonic obstacle detection (optional).

LED lights (optional).

Side protection (optional).

Air compressor (optional).

360º cameras that allow an aerial and full view of the exterior of the excavator.

excavadora Doosan DX350LC-7 Doosan Connect

Doosan Connect Wireless Fleet Control System

The new DX350LC-7 incorporates Doosan Connect's advanced wireless fleet control system. An internet-based management solution to monitor machine performance and safety.

This system is available as standard equipment on the new generation of Doosan excavators (from 14 tonnes), the new generation of Doosan wheel loaders and Doosan ADTs.

If you want to get more information about the new Doosan DX350LC-7 excavator, you can contact any of our Mach10 delegations, where you will be informed in detail.

ITT Mach10
5 November 2019

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